Dready Spray Shampoo


This shampoo can be used on synthetic dreads as well as dreads made from your own hair.

Because the shampoo is easy to apply, you can be sure the shampoo is well distributed. Because this is a spray shampoo, you don’t have to use your fingers to rub it in, which keeps your own hair and your dreads from frizzing after washing.

The shampoo not only has a lovely scent, through the use of rosemary, mint and coconut, the shampoo also contains Tea-Tree. This is a natural substance that keeps your skin clean and healthy and prevents itching and irritation.

Instructions for use:
- Wet your dreadlocks
- Shake the shampoo bottle before use
- Spray the shampoo on your scalp and the roots of the dreads
- Then spray the shampoo on the dreadlocks themselves
- Lather the shampoo if necessary
- Thoroughly rinse with water

Contents: 230 ml

Ingredients: CP Soap, Sodium perborate, Purified water, Organic hemp seed oils, Essential oils of rosemary mint, Tea tree oil, coconut


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