6 Thick Solid Dreads

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If you want volume, you should go for Thick Dreads! Even if you combine just a few Thick Dreads with other Dreads, you’ll create extra volume!

Thick Dreads are:

The Thick Dreads are double ended dreads.

For example: a 50 cm long double ended dread has two sides of 50 cm each, the whole double ended dread is 100 cm, in between the two sides is an attachment piece.

For a full install with Thick Dreads you need 6 packs.

Sidecut or a mohawk? Then we advise different amounts.

Dreadshop advises a minimal hair length of 6 cm/ 2.5 inch when installing dreads.

We have a lot of photos of Thick Dreads! And also a lot of information about our Dreads, care, etc.

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